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VirualRadio for Android is now opensource

März 21st, 2016 Posted in General Information, Products | No Comments »

The VirtualRadio WebService is no longer supported. We do not add new radiostation or update existing ones and also do not support the most liked database anymore.

But you can continue to use VirtualRadio as your favorite icecast player and recorder.
In VirtualRadio for Android you can add your own streams either directly in the app or via editing of the vr.xml file in the vradio folder on your android’s sd card.

VirualRadio android is opensource now (GNU GPL 3), you can download the code here:

VirtualRadio for iPhone / iOS

Juni 5th, 2012 Posted in General Information, Products | No Comments »

VirtualRadio iOS Version 1.5 launched and now available for download in App Store.

VirtualRadio for Android up to 4.0

September 17th, 2011 Posted in General Information, Products | No Comments »

VirtualRadio Android Beta contains the low AND high bandwidth streams and plays them in excellent quality! Runs on HTC Desire, SamsungGalaxyS etc.
Download VirtualRadio for Android from the VirtualRadio Website.

New mobile website for Canton Lucerne

August 19th, 2011 Posted in General Information | Kommentare deaktiviert is a mobile internet application featuring a money-planner-tool for kids.
The Java (J2EE) application is targeted for PC, Smartphones and Mobiles ,it is powered and hosted by Google Appengine and Google Sites and was built by NINJ for Canton of Lucerne and Pro Juventute.

NINJ has a new CEO

November 17th, 2009 Posted in General Information | Kommentare deaktiviert

As per November 1, Juerg Ingold has resigned as CEO. New CEO is Oliver Wehrli, former CTO of NINJ.

UK Traffic Radio finalized

April 2nd, 2009 Posted in General Information | Kommentare deaktiviert

Traffic Radio logo

NINJ finalizes ‘Traffic Radio Mobile’ for the UK Highways Agency and Transport for London, a customized version of its mobile radio player ‘VirtualRadio‘ . Traffic Radio broadcasts the latest traffic news for major A roads and London’s main roads. Its mobile player will be available for Symbian Smartphones and most modern regular Java devices.

VirtualRadio now also runs on Java phones

August 13th, 2008 Posted in Products | Kommentare deaktiviert

VirtualRadio logo
A new version of VirtualRadio has been launched for modern Java phones. Different than Symbian smartphones (where first versions of VirtualRadio run), most Java phones have limited capabilities. Therefore, the Java versions only contains radio stations with a low bandwith. Also, due to their limitations, VirtualRadio may not run perfectly on older Java phones. Nevertheless, VirtualRadio has been downloaded more than 120000 times in the last few weeks and counts almost as many monthly users. Try it out, it is free. Type into your mobile phone’s browser and download it to your device.

Picross Mobile

April 26th, 2008 Posted in Products | Kommentare deaktiviert

Someone said the world is no waiting for another brain game on mobile phones. Well, here it is!

We find Picross truly addictive (and are having difficulties from keeping ourselves back from playing while at work!)

Check for yourself, type into your mobile browser, got to “Products” and download a free copy to your mobile phone. We have warned you, it is time consuming!

Also Picross Mobile was short-listed in the Samsung Innovation Quest!

VirtualRadio for Free!

August 30th, 2007 Posted in Products | Kommentare deaktiviert

The No. 1 web radio player for Symbian phones now comes as a free version. It contains a small amount of advertising but offers all feature of the Pro version. Type in into your phone’s WAP-browser and download to your phone.